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A Journal of the International Alliance for CARE and Threat Teams

Race is a peer reviewed journal with a focus on elevating and educating others on the topics that impact people of color. While all are invited to submit articles to the journal, our editorial staff is focused on encouraging and mentoring those people of color who have had limited access to share their stories, experiences, and research due to obstacles that exist due to systemic racism in American society. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Tammy Hodo at

For those interested in submitting to the journal, the editorial board is committed to nurturing research, particularly student ideas and concepts. Submissions are paired with an editorial board member to guide you through the process of improving your submission.

  • What is InterACTT?
    InterACTT is a collaborative group of likeminded professionals from diverse fields who created a platform to make an impact in the fields of K-12/secondary education, colleges/universities and workplaces. With expertise on CARE and threat team functioning, mental illness assessment and treatment, law enforcement, accessibility services, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), autism, masculinity and prevention education, the advisory team at InterACTT truly forms a gestalt – a group greater than any of our individual parts.
  • Why subscription based?
    When we looked out at the field, we felt the last thing people needed was yet another membership organization competing for increasingly limited funding. With budget money more restricted than ever in the post COVID-19 era, we designed InterACTT as a supplement to those existing memberships you may hold. Our focus is on providing innovative resources and technology solutions to your daily work. The daily work of InterACTT is committed to providing low-cost resources to those in counseling, law enforcement, disability, threat assessment and prevention education.
  • Are graduate student subscriptions really free?
    Yes! By keeping our overhead costs low, we are able to reinvest money to support those new (and often with limited funding!) to the field. Graduate students enrolled in programs related to psychology, sociology, law enforcement, criminology, DEI, education or similar fields simply need to fill out a simple form on our subscribe now page to access all of our material. Subscriptions are yearly and then can be renewed while you are enrolled in your program. Part time, full time, masters, or doctorate all qualify. We just ask that you remember InterACTT for your entire student affairs division when you make it big!
  • Are there any discounts available?
    Sadly, no. We are keeping our overall subscription cost low at $79 per year to support the advisory team in providing you timely, engaging and robust resources and discussions across the fields of counseling, law enforcement, disability, DEI, threat assessment and prevention education. The good news is this cost is ridiculously low. In fact, we hope when you sign up and see all that we have to offer you say to yourself “Woah. This is a really good deal! I’d pay 5 times this much for all of these great resources!” We just ask you pressure your friends to join (kidding! Kind of…) or spend your extra cash to pay it forward to others in need.
  • Does this replace my existing membership?
    No, we don’t think it should. We have deep roots in higher education with membership organizations like NASPA, ASCA, ACPA, NABITA, ATIXA, ACCA, AUCCCD, IACLEA, HECMA, AMOSSHE, UMHAN, BACP-UC & HUCS, NADP, and AUCSO. These groups offer different services and supports than we offer. As a low-cost subscription service, we can fund projects that may not be financially viable for larger organizations. Our journal Race is committed to assisting authors of color become published and contribute to the field. Our podcast Actually Autistic Educator (AAE) provides expert advice directly from autistic individuals to better inform best practices. Our Navigator uses expert system technology to provide those working directly with high-risk individuals consistent, well-documented and well-researched guidance on what interventions would be most effective for those in your care. Counseling Across the Pond brings together two counselors that have spent decades in the field of counseling to share their insights and resources with you. Dr. Chris Taylor has always had a dream of having his own talk show, so we made that happen with our program InterACTTions. At the heart of InterACTT is the belief that working together we can accomplish more than working in silos. We would encourage you to keep connected to your existing membership organizations and talk with their leadership about how InterACTT can augment their current service offerings. We are always interested in new collaborations.
  • What if I have an idea for InterACTT?
    We LOVE ideas. That’s why we got this organization started. Feel free to reach out to any member you feel comfortable approaching on the advisory team or talk directly with Dr. Chris Taylor or Bethany Van Brunt about how they can help connect you to the next step in your idea becoming a reality!

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Tammy Hodo, Ph.D.
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Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D.
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