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Bethany Van Brunt

Bethany Van Brunt (she/her/hers) worked as a programmer and software developer for 10 years before taking time off to raise her family. She then founded Looking Glass Consulting and Design, offering web design and automated systems design for assessment and intervention tools. Looking Glass provides customized technology solutions by taking the time to understand not just the problem at hand, but the larger context and design elements needed to reach the goals of the end users. From grant development to innovative technology solutions including interactive graphics, learning management system design and online database and retrieval, she has assisted her clients in bringing their visions to life in a creative, accessible and effective manner.


As the CEO of InterACTT, a woman owned subscription-based service for educational, workplace and law enforcement settings, she brings her brand of personal management skills with a focus on collaborative planning, coordination and, above all, ensuring the customers experience is positive one. By bringing together a multidisciplinary team of educators, advocates, counselors, instructors and law enforcement, Bethany connects technology with subject matter experts to create a unique approach to providing resources, guidance and community to those working in these fields.

Contributing Author:​

Understanding and Treating Incels: Case Studies, Guidance, and Treatment of Violence Risk in the Involuntary Celibate Community

"The Rise of the Incel Mission-Oriented Attacker," Journal of Violence and Gender

"Parental Worldview and Children," The SAGE Encyclopedia of Political Behavior

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